Carol held Andy to bid farewell to Chan Pui Wah

68 years old filmmaker Chan Pui Wah passed away on 28 April due to cancer, a church memorial was held on 26 May 2017. Despite still recuperating from his injury, Andy Lau still attended with his wife Carol Chu. This is Andy’s first public appearance and he wanted to bid farewell to Pui Wah personally.



Chan Pui Wah held a high position in Andy’s company and he treated her like family member, thus the flowers from Andy was placed inside the hall together with Pui Wah’s family members’ flowers. Andy who had stopped work since his horse riding accident in January, although not fully recovered but accompanied by his wife, they entered the church in a low profile manner, the couple was wearing face mask.


After the memorial had ended, Andy waited the family members of Pui Wah to leave the church before slowly walked down the stairs with the assistance of his wife to leave by the back door, his movement appeared to be slow. Inside the memorial booklet being distributed, Andy wrote: “Your smile melts all troubles, your wisdom melts all the hard work, your belief allows us to a heart of wisdom, to follow up your career, we must love you till the end and with us…”