Andy “appeared” in Shock Wave Beijing premiere

On 26 April, Shock Wave held its premiere in Beijing where film director Herman Yau and main cast Song Jia, Philip Keung, Ron Ng, Babyjohn Choi were present at the event. Although the injured Andy could not attend the event personally, he recorded a VCR which was broadcasted in the event.


Fans are concerned about Andy’s injury, during the premiere, Andy made his first appearance in Mainland China via a VCR in which he expressed that he’s recuperating well, he said: “Using supporting tools, I could stand up 10 times for 10 minutes, recovering well, hope the fans do not worry for me, I can stand up very soon and meet everybody.” In the VCR, Andy seems to be in good spirits and his quipped: “I’m still the handsome Andy Lau.” He didn’t forget to promote his new film as he quipped: “I’m the big boss, the box office will be entrust to all of you!”


Film director Herman Yau expressed that the story of Shock Wave fit in easily between him and Andy, there are seldom Chinese films about bomb disposal, this will be refreshing for the audience, the level of excitement is seldom seem in Chinese films as it starts from the first minute till the end of the film.


When talked about bomb dismantling, Andy said in the VCR: “Bomb disposal is a very lonely profession, bomb disposal team members #1 an #2 worked separately, at the bomb disposal venue only no.1 can enter the restricted premise.” He expressed: “Life protects life, this is the message that the film wanted to express, not only bomb disposal specialist, in life there are many people like doctors, teachers, parents and front line policemen are very noble.”