Insurers to pay Andy Lau $14.4m for horse-riding injury

Hong Kong heartthrob Andy Lau is getting HK$80 million (S$14.4 million) in insurance compensation for his horse-riding injury while filming a beverage commercial in Thailand, reported Kwong Wah Yit Poh.

He is currently recuperating at home. For his loss of income during this period, the daily reported that Lau would get RM195,000 a day, based on his 51 days of stay at hospital, and another six months for rehabilitation (183 days).

The 55-year-old suffered multiple fractures in his pelvis and strained his tendon and muscle during the Jan 17 incident.


After 8 days of recuperating in his home, Andy uploaded a 5-seconds black-and-white short clip onto his official website. In the clip, there was a person dressed in cowboy gear whose back resemble him, holding onto a long rifle, stylish walking out of a horse stable. It seems to be a clip from his latest beverage commercial.


He added that he is currently undergoing sitting and standing physiotherapy, he said: “Every day, sit for a longer period. Every day, stand a bit longer. There will be one day that I would make one step forward. I’m strong!” Many fans showed their support for Andy by leaving their comments on the post.



On 20 March, the commercial which Andy got injured while location shooting in Thailand was revealed. In the commercial, he was dressed in cowboy gear but all scenes of horse or him riding horse had been edited away. In the commercial, Andy walked out of a horse stable onto a wide green field to load bullets into his rifle, he then took aims to shoot at the targets in the sky. Then he lend on the wooden planks in the horse stable to drink his green tea in a relax manner.



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