Andy is discharged from hospital, allowed to go home

Heavenly king Andy Lau got injured when he fell off a horse while shooting a commercial and had been recuperating in hospital for close to two months. On 10 March, Andy posted a post on his Andy World Club official website to express that the treatment in the hospital went smoothly and after check-ups, his doctor had gave him the go-ahead to go home to recuperate.

The content of his post is as per below:

Yesterday did a body checkup! The result came out in the evening, I was in my ward sitting quietly on a wheelchair and listen carefully to the doctor’s explanation, he kept on talking and I almost missed hearing him saying: “You can go home!” I almost jumped up to hug my doctor but at the moment I can’t do it…

Dear family members, my pelvic’s fracture is healing ideally, all the others injured parts are healing slowly, the skies are clear again! Don’t worry….


In this home, hope all family members together with me to thanks all media friends as during this period they gave me space to recuperate. The support from the media, I can see and feel it, all the comments in the family, every regards, every careful instructions, these are all that made me strong. Believe me!!! I will stand up on my own very soon!

Meanwhile, his company Focus Group Holdings Limited also released a similar announcement as they also thanked the contribution of the medical team and hope everybody wish Andy could rest well and have a speedy recovery.

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