33 students showed support to Andy

According to media reports in Hong Kong, Find Your Voice a film directed by Little Big Master fame Adrian Kwan and produced by Andy Lau wrapped its shooting recently. The cast of the film and the 33 members strong student choir attended a “thanks teacher dinner”, as Andy is still recuperating in hospital thus he did not attend.

The students picked Andy’s song ’17 Sui’ to sing in the event to show their support to Andy. After the students finished singing the song, they shouted out: “All of us missed you!” When Andy watched the video, he also send a SMS saying: “I also miss all of you!”


Meanwhile, the poster of the film was also revealed which showed music conductor Andy’s back, with his professional hand posture, it made one anticipating his outstanding performance in the film. This is the first time Andy acted as a music conductor thus for the best effect, he seek advice from a music conductor in order to make his character realistic.

news from: ent.sina.com