Andy: “I’ll recover fully”

According to media reports in Taiwan, heavenly king Andy Lau got injured when he fell off a horse while shooting a commercial in Thailand on 17 Jan, his pelvic got injured when the horse stamped on him, he’s required to be hospitalized for 6-8 weeks, despite recuperating, he still cared about his fans as on the 7th day of Chinese New Year, he wrote his blessing on Andy World Club website to thanks the long support from the fans. In the post, he made used of Emoji to replace the words that he wanted to say, after decoding the fans were touched by the post.


In the Chinese calendar, it was said that man was created on the 7th day of Chinese New Year, thus it was called “human’s birthday”. In the blessing that Andy wrote, the fans decoded that he was trying to say :” Dear family members, wish everybody a Happy Birthday, wish everybody be loving and always happy, feel gratitude that all provide shelter for me be it in the sun or rain. Thanks everybody for cheering foe me, I’m OK (firecrackers to celebrate). Happy Birthday!” The fans were touched by this blessing.


Meanwhile, many of his good friends took turns to visit him at the hospital. Michael Miu and his wife Jaime Chik arrived at the hospital on 1 Feb around 4pm. They stayed for around 1 hour and they left the hospital holding hands. When reporters approached them, Michael asked his wife to wait for him in the car while he answered reporters’ question. He said that Andy was in good condition, when asked what they chatted about, he answered: “We talked about his injury! Whether it’s painful! He seems to be in good spirit and getting better.” When asked if Andy was sitting upright when chatting, Michael seems a bit hesitant and answered: “He’s OK! Relax nothing wrong with him!” Michael added that his main motive of visiting Andy is to give him red packets and collect red packets from Andy. When reporters asked when Andy is able to discharge from hospital, he said: “Soon, soon! everything is OK!”, after saying he made a quick exit.

On 3 Feb, Felix Wong brought his wife Leung Kit-wah together with Lincoln Yu Kam Yuen and wife Chan Kar-Bik visited Andy at the hospital. When they were leaving, Felix revealed that Andy was in good spirit because his daughter was in the ward with him. Felix sang praise of Hanna being smart and clever, because when she saw Felix was going to remove his face mask on the corridor, she told him not to.


When talked about Andy’s condition, Felix revealed that Andy need required to take pain killers, with enough rest and eat more, he seems to put on weight, Felix said: “The doctor pointed out that Andy’s recovery is faster than expected, Andy asked everybody not to worry, he will try his best to discharge from hospital as soon as possible!”

On 6 Feb, Kent Cheng and Cheung Siu-fai visited Andy at the hospital. When leaving the hospital, Kent revealed that Andy was recovering well: “When chatting with him, his voice was much clearer, hope that those whom are concern of him could relax, but he still need to carry on physiotherapy, he entrust us to tell everybody: Relax relax, he will make a full recovery.” When asked when he will discharge from hospital, he said that need to ask the doctor for decision if he can discharge earlier.


When asked if Andy had put on weight, Kent said: “He is in good spirit, this is for sure. (Can he sit up to chit chat?) Not yet, but soon, relax. (Is he still in pain?) He’s getting better, but saying not painful would be a lie, can say that he’s almost recovered, he wanted us to tell you guys.”

news and photos from: Ming Pao, Apple Daily News