Sammi Cheng visited Andy at the hospital

Since Andy met an accident after falling from a horse on 17 Jan and was hospitalized, during the Chinese New Year period, many celebrities had visited him at the hospital which included Michael Miu with his wife, Charles Heung and his wife, Alan Tam. On 2 February, Sammi Cheng who had collaborated with Andy also made a low profile visit to see Andy.


Andy and Sammi had collaborated in seven films, when they were promoting Blind Detective in 2013, Sammi expressed that her chemistry with Andy came naturally, she quipped: “Maybe we knew each other in our previous lives,” Andy then added that he had special chemistry when shooting love relationship scenes with Sammi, he quipped: “I think we could be lovers of three generations, maybe we met each other too late in this lives.” A shy Sammi then replied: “Correct, we regretted that we met too late.”

According to reports, Sammi was wearing a grey coat and sunglasses, with a bouquet of flowers when she was spotted at the hospital which Andy was staying. When leaving, when asked about Andy’s current condition, she replied: “OK, not bad”, she could relax on the condition of her good friend, when asked if she had gave Andy’s daughter a red packet, while getting onto her car, she replied: “Yes, yes!”

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