Andy spiritually wish his fans: Happy Chinese New Year

Earlier Andy Lau got injured after falling off a horse while shooting a commercial in Thailand. Two days before he go injured, he was in an exclusive interview with Apple Daily talking about Chinese New Year (CNY), he wrote Spring festival couplets to wish everybody a Happy Chinese New Year and recalled how he spent CNY when he was a boy, especially he fought with an elder on the first day of CNY!


Initially Andy planned to have Facebook live broadcast during his year-end concert as he wanted to countdown with his fans, however now most importantly he must made a speedy recovery in order for the concert to be successfully staged. His friends Sammi Cheng, Johnnie To, Andrew Lau and Jordan Chan all wished him a speedy recovery.


Andy had always been traditional as he follows Chinese customs to the fullest, other than “wash away the dirt” on the 28th day of the last month of the Chinese lunar calendar to chase away bad luck, reunion dinner on the eve of CNY, on the first day he would also personally welcome the God of Fortune, Andy said: “Around night time of the first day of CNY will start to welcome the God of Fortune, after that I will serve tea to my parents.”


His first red packet will give to his parents, even it be his biggest red packet. The CNY holidays is very precious to Andy as he would get the chance to accompany his relatives, sometimes when close friends visit him, he would bring out self made grape cakes to serve them. When asked who he would invite among his showbiz friend to spend the new year with, Andy said that one whom cannot be offended, he would choose Deanie Ip.


Currently Andy is resting in hospital thus he could not carried out all these traditional practices. Andy also thought of having live broadcast during his December concerts to countdown together with his fans, but all would depended on his body condition for his year end concert to be staged successfully.


Andy who also treated his fans as his family members, on the second day of CNY, he would always have a gathering with his fans to send them his blessing, due to the accident, this year’s gathering is cancelled. On the night of 27 Jan, Andy thanked his fans’ concern with a post on his official website as he expressed: “Hi everybody, it’s the first day of CNY! I’ve received all your strength of love, we will carry out our gathering spiritually!” He also stress to fans that he would take good care of himself, “I did mentioned before, when family members are happy, I’m happy, I’m very sure that in order for family members to be happy they want to see a healthy me, believe me, I will stand healthy before all of you and happy together,” he ended by wishing all fans a happy year of the rooster.


Andy who shared a close relationship with Lam Katung who visited him at the hospital on 28 Jan, he revealed to reporters that Andy is in good state, he expressed: “(Recovery) could be earlier than everybody’s expected.” When talked about Andy could not go home to spend his CNY, Lam said: “Actually it doesn’t matter, because a lot of crew members are accompanying him, the atmosphere is OK.”


Despite still resting in hospital, Andy still share his concern for the reporters as he arranged his company workers to deliver a bag of tangerine and a red packet worth $10 to the media companies.

Meanwhile, his new film which he also produced – Shock Wave had confirmed to be screened in cinemas this April, please show support to watch the film in the cinemas.

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