Mr. and Mrs. Heung: Andy could sit up for short period

HONG KONG – Andy Lau, who has announced that he is taking up to 11 months off to recover from a filming accident, may lose an estimated HK$100 million (S$18 million) in potential income, said Ming Pao Daily News.

Lau, long revered as the hardest-working man in Hong Kong show business, stands to lose at least HK$100 million if he backs out of films, commercials and concerts, including 20 year-end gigs he planned to give at the Hong Kong Coliseum, said the report.

His other reported projects, which are now up in the air, include roles in Cold War III, a thriller about the Hong Kong chief executive election starring Aaron Kwok, and in a fantasy starring Gong Li.

Lau, 55, fractured his pelvis in multiple places after he fell off a horse in Thailand on Jan 17. He had been shooting a commercial for Tao Ti, a tea brand he has worked with for 17 years, said Apple Daily.

The brand — Tao Ti tea brand — takes out insurance for him for each shoot, and this time, it is said to have insured him for up to US$50 million (S$71 million), said the report.

He is under doctor’s orders to stay for six to eight weeks in hospital. A two-month stay alone in Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital is about HK$900,000, said Apple Daily. Lau’s medical bill, including consultation and examination fees, may come to HK$3 millon, said the report.


Charles Heung and his wife Tiffany Chen paid a visit to Andy at Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital yesterday (26 Jan). They were asked by reporters after their visit, they revealed that Andy was in good spirit, and he could sit up to chat with them for short period, he did smile in between their chat.

When asked if Andy was still feeling pain, Mrs. Heung said: “Of course! Many people entrusted me to send my regards to Andy and wanted me to recommend him good doctors, I believed that those people who adore him are showing concern to this incident. I feel that Andy who had done many good deeds, the Buddha would bless him, this is the unfortunate great good fortune, I feel that this is just a small setback, he will recover, after our visit they are relieved!” With regards if Andy could be discharge earlier to go home to celebrate Chinese New Year, Mrs Heung said that she’s not sure, most importantly must depend on how fast he recovers.

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