Andy could rest for 3 months

While shooting a commercial in Thailand, Andy Lau was injured when he was thrown off a horse, he took a medical flight back to Hong Kong for treatment. He was sent to Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, while being wheeled into the hospital on a stretcher, he had a wound on his forehead but he still looked alert but seemed to be in pain.

After being examined by the doctor, according to sources that he did not suffer a serious fracture on his pelvic as no surgery is needed, he had to rely on painkillers. The doctor suggested planter cast to Andy but he did not want to planter cast as he intend to seek treatment from a bone-setter. He need to be bounded on the bed for several months to rest, awaiting his fracture to heal naturally, physiotherapy is needed.


Many are concerned of Andy’s injury, but in his current state of pain and tiredness, he intended to rest and reject any visit from friends. It is said that Andy does not wish his parents and fans to be too worry of his injury this his current status is kept secret. He currently could not get off from the bed, his wife is taking care of him, although he is still feeling pain but it had improved.

During an event, film director Johnnie To expressed that he managed to get contacted with Andy to send him his regards, he said that Andy’s situation is “very painful, but nothing much, not that serious!!” He added that he would not visit Andy and disturb him resting.

Andy would need to rest for the coming three months, stopped all work to recover. Yesterday, Andy World Club had made an announcement that the Chinese New Year gathering on 29 January had been cancelled. The fans replied that he rather not attend the gathering and take a good rest.

Andy who planned to stage his solo concert at the end of the year for 20 nights, it’s still unknown if the injury would affect the concert being staged as it had been years since he has concerts in Hong Kong, with 12 months still to go, hopefully Andy could have a speedy recovery to give audience a good show!


The injury would disrupt Andy’s planned work schedule, the first one being the promotion of Herman Yau directed Shock Wave which is scheduled to be screened in April, thus promotion should start around in March. When interviewed Herman expressed that he’s more worried on Andy’s injury: “Promotion is just a job, most importantly is Andy is fine. I’m not worried about the film, I’m more worried about Andy.”

Another film is Chasing Dragons which Andy played Lee Rock. According to the film company, Andy only did not complete the dubbing, with the film scheduled to be screened during or after the summer holiday, it shouldn’t be any problem. Those film projects that will be affected would be those uncompleted Adrian Kwan’s Find Your Voice and Stephen Fung’s Adventurers.

News of Andy’s injury shaken and made his showbiz friends worried as Sammi Cheng, Gigi Leung, Charlie Yeung posted on their social media sites to send their regards and wished him a speedy recovery.

At a Media Asia dinner, Anthony Wong expressed that he had sent his regards to Andy via SMS. Anthony said: “It should not be too serious, hope he’s OK, he’s invincible, horse is a scary animal, it can be very dangerous when it go crazy.”


Summo Hung also sent his regards via SMS, he said: “Hope he has a speedy recovery, he’s very healthy and agile, no problem for him.”

Sammi Cheng said: “Andy got injured, we are all worried, have to send blessing within our hearts and positive energy to him. We can use our own method to bless him, gathered our strength for him, Andy we love you!”

Gigi Leung said: “One good turn deserves another! Everything will go well! Wish Andy a speedy recovery!”

Charlie Yeung said: “I remember when I collaborate with Andy in All About Love, he always took care of me and specially care about everybody’s safety, I’m depressed to see him injured, wish him a speedy recovery.”

Lin Chiling whom also suffered being thrown off a horse, she urged Andy to rest well and listen to doctors, physiotherapy, will recover fully! She added: “Andy is a person with strong energy, positive energy is the best medicine!”

Cheung Tat-ming posted in his blog to praise Andy, he said that collaborating with Andy is a delightful thing, when Cheung was sick, he could also write script and Andy approached him, but he did not managed to complete in the said time but Andy still pay him in full. Being a good person, Andy would beat all evil and be healthy again.

news from, Apple Daily News