Andy Lau hurt in horse-riding accident

Hong Kong actor Andy Lau is being treated for a pelvic fracture after he was thrown off a horse while filming a commercial in rural Thailand.


The superstar had recently wrapped up a promotional campaign for the Zhang Yimou action movie, The Great Wall.

Last Saturday, he was in the United States for the shoot of Hong Kong film-maker Adrian Kwan’s Find Your Voice.

By Sunday, he had rushed back to Hong Kong to join stars such as actors Jet Li and Rosamund Kwan and singer Sammi Cheng at movie producer Tiffany Chen’s 60th birthday bash. Apple Daily said Lau, 55, had set off on Monday for Thailand for the shoot.

According to a report by Apple Daily published on Wednesday (Jan 18), Topman Global Limited, a subsidiary of the Lau-founded Focus Group issued a statement saying that the actor was injured, but that “all is well”.

“Mr Andy Lau met with an accident while shooting a commercial in Thailand on Jan 17. He fell off a horse, causing a pelvic fracture. Mr Lau is currently being taken care of by a medical team. Right now, all is well. Please do not worry,” the statement said.

The report cited a producer named Long Ge, who said that Lau had been on the horse while filming, when he apparently lost control of the animal. The horse threw the actor on the ground and also reportedly trod on his back. The shoot was halted and he was taken to a Thai hospital immediately, but because he was not mobile,Lau was immediately taken to a hospital in Thailand but due to his injuries, he will have to be taken to Hong Kong on a medical flight for treatment, the report said.

news and photos from:, Straits Times, todayonline