Andy’s 2017 calendar promotes recycling

Heavenly King Andy Lau is giving incentives to his fans in the new year as he released his “my world 2017” calendar for his fans to usher the new year. Andy picked “for all” and “make things better” as theme as he transformed himself into a tailor, baseball player, house man, farmer and many others.




Andy had always cared for his fans as he produced calendar for his Andy World Club. Having considered the many creative suggestions from his creation team, he finally picked “for all” theme as he urges everybody to care and showed love to planet earth, even flower and grass needs everybody’s protection and enjoy the energy of the universe.




It is understood that Andy went for a photo shoot for the calendar in July 2016, he changed 18 costumes, adding on the background setting, changing of props, it took 5 hours to complete. He finally picked 13 characters which includes tailor, baseball player, house man and farmer.



Recently he’s busy shooting new films, this year his new films would includes Shock Wave and other four films, he also planned to hold his solo concert at the end of the year in Hong Kong Coliseum, thus he would start preparing soon and hoped to book the venue.



Andy urged everybody to show love and care to earth, he said: “Hope everybody (the fans), looked at this calendar every day, and think about how to cherish the current resources we are enjoying, even every flower or grass outside need our protection, to share this universe’s strength.”



news and photos from: Ming Pao