Andy and Donnie Yen to collaborate in new film about Crippled Ho

28 September 2016, ‘Zui Long’ (literally translated as Chasing Dragons) which was directed by Wong Jing had its camera lensing ceremony in Hong Kong. According to sources, Donnie Yen will be Crippled Ho whereas Andy Lau would be Chief Inspector Lee Rock. At the ceremony, film director Wong Jing was in attendance with Andy Lau, Donnie Yen, Kent Cheng and Wilfred Lau. Donnie posted his photographs with Andy on his weibo, in those photographs he was wearing an antique costume with his hand holding onto a walking stick, indeed he’s spotting the Crippled Ho look.


Film director Wong Jing exclaimed that the film is his own version of Once Upon a Time in America as he had always wanted to shoot a film based on Crippled Ho, he had contacted several actors to play the character but to no success, the project made many rounds and finally changed its name to the current film title, it would be a story of Lee Rock and Crippled Ho, it will be in a serious tone. Wong Jing said: “Although there were Hong Kong films about the story of these two individuals, but having them in one film would be the first time.”


From understanding, To Be Number One is a classic Hong Kong film shot in 1991, it was directed by Poon Man-Kit and screenplayed by Xiao Ruoyuan, starring Ray Lui and Kent Cheng, the film managed to win Best Film and Best Screenplay at the Hong Kong Film Awards and was nominated in 5 other catergories.


It was said that Wong Jing specially flew to Canada to visit Donnie who was location shooting for another film in Toronto and managed to convince him to be cast in this film, it was rumoured that Donnie would be paid 30 million reminbi. With regards to this, Donnie was asked on the ceremony and he denied the rumour by replying: “There’s no meaning talking about money, I’m very delighted to be able to collaborate with Andy, he’s asking a high fee, I’m getting a lower amount.”


Recently it was alleged that Andy’s wife had given birth to his second child, with regards to this Andy exclaimed: “I had already clearly told everybody that I don’t have, but it just kept coming back after a while.” When reporters followed up asking if he’s worried that his new born would be chased around this he does not wish to disclose? Andy expressed: “Nope, everybody had given me face, I feel comfortable at home.”


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