Mission Milano Beijing premiere

The premiere of Mission Milano was held in Beijing on 21 September 2016, film director Wong Jing brought along Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming, Hu Ran, Ouyang NaNa, Mao Junjie
Wu Yue, Zhao Yingjun and Evonne Xie to the premiere. During the activity, Huang Xiaoming exclaimed that he’s a fan of Andy as he brought along a LED lighted up ‘Hua’ character board onto the stage to chase his idol.


During the premiere, when the cast appeared onto the stage, they immediately won applause and screams from the audience. During the activity, a die-hard fan brought a LED lighted up ‘Hua’ character board onto the stage and declared his love for Andy. This fan is no other than Huang Xiaoming. Facing his idol of many years, Huang Xiaoming immediately made his declaration, he quipped that since young he had idolized Andy, even a girl gave him a notebook was pasted with Andy’s pictures, he still kept Andy’s cassette tapes. Finally got the chance to collaborate with Andy, other than excited but he had a little “regret”, “I and Andy had love relationship scenes with Andy, it’s a pity that it’s too little, have to blame director Wong Jing!” The film director Wong Jing whom was standing beside immediately state his innocent, he said: “Those scenes were already matched up to those love scenes in Happy Together!” Andy exclaimed in a stern look: “What you’re saying, it’s just a normal man-man relationship!”


Evonne Xie quipped that she initially had a kissing scene with Andy, however it was being removed! With regards to this, Andy quipped: “Currently I’m a man with wife and a daughter, it’s troublesome to have kissing scene.”


Being the first group of audience to watch Mission Milano, the 1500 strong audience kept bursting into laughter throughout the screening of the film. The cast also stayed back to watch the film with the audience. Many audience praise the comedy element of the film, pointing out that the laughters were spreaded throughout the film, the combination of Andy and Huang Xiaoming is eye catching.


news and photos from: ent.qq.com, chinanews.com, news.mtime.com