Andy’s photoshoot for 2017 calendar

According to Hong Kong media reports, the ever busy Andy Lau who had been non-stop shooting his new films throughout the year, fans had started to miss him, however it would not be the case in 2017 as Andy would be able to accompany them every day, why? It is because Andy took some time off recently for the photoshoot of his 2017 calendar which will comes with his handwritings, thus those who owns the calendar would have their idol accompanying them day and night. However, currently only fans who are in Andy World Club have the chance of purchasing the calendar. During a recent uploaded clip, Andy revealed that the theme of the photoshoot is blue and green, because blue is the sky whereas green is the land, it represent “Andy World Club”.


The theme of the calendar is Make Things Better, Andy wore a overall which showed off his muscular body, he added: “Hopefully in 2017, because I cherish knowing everybody which gave me blissful, the background idea is that everything you own does not comes naturally, you need to do your part.”


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