Andy became compere at Shock Wave appreciation dinner

A joint production of Universe Film Distribution Co. and Bona Film Group Limited, directed by Herman Yau and produced by Andy Lau, police thriller Shock Wave had officially wrapped up its shooting in Hong Kong. This film which boast a cast of Andy, Jiang Wu and other actors would bring Hong Kong police thriller to new heights. Although the specially built Cross-Harbour Tunnel was recently broke in and damaged but it did not affect the feelings of the crew as an appreciation dinner was held at Tsim Sha Tsui to thanks the efforts of the production team efforts for the past two months. Universe Film Distribution Co. boss Daniel Lam, film director Herman Yau, cast And Lau, Philip Keung, Ron Ng, Felix Wong, Liu Kai-chi, Louis Cheung and BabyJohn were present at the appreciation dinner.


After the shooting was wrapped up, the specially built Cross-Harbour Tunnel had completed its purpose and was awaiting to be dismantle. However, recently news spreaded on the Internet that the Cross-Harbour Tunnel was being broken in and damaged as they hoped that it can be kept till the film’s premiere allowing more to catch a glimpse of the tunnel, some even went to repair the lock for the gate. With regards to this, the film company thanked the citizen for their attention to the tunnel as it was exclaimed that if anyone whom is interested in the tunnel could wait till the film is screened, they could witness the realistic of the tunnel in the cinema hall.


At the appreciation dinner, Andy shared his feelings on shooting this film with Daniel and Herman, he thanked Daniel for giving him the money to build the tunnel, he quipped: “I was surprised when I was told that he’s willing to spend money to build the tunnel.” Then he went on to thank the whole production team and the helful weather: “When building this tunnel, only part of it required a roof, thus we would have trouble if it rain, but whenever we start the camera rolling, the rain would stop, thus we have to thank the weather.” After finishing, the three of them took up their champagne and toast with all the other actors. Andy appeared to be excited on the night as he kept posing with the champagne, he also walked around the stage to thanks each of the actors. One thing to note, Andy later took up the role of the compere as he interview Daniel and Herman asking their feelings on shooting this film. Daniel expressed that everybody was very serious and the shooting was very relaxed and hoped the film would be successful.


Meanwhile, Herman pointed out that “without Andy the film would not make it”, Andy then quipped that it was relaxed being the producer of the film, he said: “Although this is a huge production, but I know film director Herman Yau, on the control of production and money to be spent, he’s a great director, thus being the producer actually it was really comfortable to complete the film.” Andy also exclaimed that it was like a family with the crew member, thus he organize this appreciation dinner, he quipped: “Let make this our birthday party!”


The highlight of the night was the lucky draw, Felix Wong and Liu Kai-chi won but they decided to share their winnings with the crew members which won loud applause. When it was Andy’s turn to draw the winner, he picked Felix first and went onstage to clarify that there was no cheating involved and gave up his winning. After a round of lucky draw, everybody exclaimed that “it was not enough”, Andy then decided to took money from their own pocket to “add-on” to the prizes in order for everyone present to win a prize. This action won applause and Herman exclaimed that during shooting Andy had won the hearts of the production team.

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