Andy wrapped up shooting of Shock Wave, Cross-Harbour Tunnel revealed

The shooting for Shock Wave had finally wrapped up, the specially built Cross-Harbour Tunnel set was finally revealed and Andy Lau introduce it! This “one and only” Cross-Harbour Tunnel is the only one built in Hong Kong film history. On the night when shooting wrapped up, Andy was the only actor involved, although it was raining throughout the shooting, but after the shooting completed, just when Andy and film director Herman Yau were about to open a bottle of champagne to celebrate, the rain stopped immediately, the crew members then seized the chance to seek autographs from Andy.


When introducing the tunnel to the media, he quipped: “I really thought I’m at Cross-Harbour Tunnel! Here is the Cross-Harbour Tunnel, even if the government wanted to recall this tunnel, it will still belongs to us.” Andy exclaimed how grand the construction was and thanked the production team for coming up with this set that look almost exactly as the Cross-Harbour Tunnel, he said: “Initially we did thought of shooting at the Cross-Harbour Tunnel, because part of the tunnel would be closed at night, hope that they would allowed us to shoot on the other side. Although we need to spend a lot of money to bulit this tunnel set, but I’m very proud of those who constructed it, hope that everybody would be able to see the efforts that we had put in.”


When talked about the 2 months old tunnel set would be tear down doon, Andy exclaimed that he does not feel sad as he said: “Some things would go, another thing won’t come, maybe we would bulit something else next time. From the Central last time to Cross-Harbour Tunnel this time round, hope that Hong Kong films would become more international and recognized.” Andy is more delighted to be able to collaborate with film director Herman Yau in such a good film.

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