Andy won Best Actor award at 16th Huabiao Film Award

The 16th Huabiao Film Awards presentation ceremony was successfully held in Beijing two nights ago, Bai Baihe won the Best Actress with Go Away Mr. Tumor, Andy Lau won the Best Actor with Lost and Love, Tsui Hark won the Best Film Director with The Taking of Tiger Mountain.



When interviewed, Andy replied with his hoarse voice, “I’m still feeling muddled, it felt like I’m dreaming.” Andy told reporters of his feelings on “winning an award for the first time”. Andy who will be 50 years old soon exclaimed that he hoped that one out of the three films he’s shooting every year, one would be related to society issues, with regards to whether it would win an award or do well in the box office, he would let “nature take its own course”.


Recently Andy is busy shooting his new film Shock Wave resulting his hoarse voice and he appeared to be tired, when reporters asked if he would like to sing a song to celebrate his win, Andy politely decline the offer by saying that he shouted too much which gave him a hoarse voice, he depended on eating lozenges to maintain his normal way of talking, the media had no choice to be touch by his professionalism.


Another meaningful moment was when Andy was being interviewed, he bumped into Tsui Hark who won the Best Film Director award, they shook hands to congratulate each other and took the chance to take a photograph together before giving way to Tsui in order for him to be interviewed by reporters.


Andy was delighted of his win as he immediately took a photograph of the award to post on his official website to share his joy, he wrote: “Thanks to all those beside me for not giving up on me!”


He also flew back to Hong Kong immediately to celebrate the 28th anniversary of Andy World Club, he also sacrifice his sleep to take the midnight flight back to Hong Kong in order for his daughter to be able to see him when she woke up.

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