Andy shows professionalism in bomb dismantling

On 5 June 2014, the film Shock Wave was location shooting in Hong Kong and the media was invited for a visit. Film director Herman Yau, producer and male lead Andy Lau, actor Philip Keung, Ron Ng, Louis Cheung, Babyjohn Choi met the media at Hong Kong’s Gloucester Road Garden. Despite the hot weather, Andy was wearing a bomb suit and was surrounded by many police and firemen vehicles, shooting a bomb dismantling scene. When interviewed, Andy revealed that the bomb suit that he was wearing weights 50kg thus he felt stuffy in the suit, luckily he did not need to wear the suit for long period thus it didn’t considered too tough.


Andy lead Ron, Louis and other actors to shoot a bomb dismantling scene at the busy streets of Wan Chai, being the bomb dismantling expert, Andy needed assistance from Ron and several policemen to help him wear the 50kg bomb suit as they dismantled a high pressure bomb. After successfully dismantled the bomb, Ron immediately brought a cup of coffee to Andy. When interviewd, he expressed: “I have many bomb dismantling scenes in the film, this time round is about me successfully dismantled the bomb thus there are no explosion scene, Ron is my assistant in the film. (Did you feel stuffy?) Luckily the duration is not long, thus it’s not too tough, wearing this bomb suit is like back to the days of shooting Running On Karma.” He sang praise of Ron’s performance: “He came and the whole film became younger, he was picked by the film director and I agreed to his decision and I feel that he’s more handsome that me.”


Ron revealed that this is his first film after leaving TVB, he exclaimed that it’s a lot of pressure collaborating with Andy and glad that Andy shared some acting tips with him. When asked how much he will be paid, he quipped: “I don’t mind, really happy to be able to collaborate with him.” Andy who was standing beside immediately joked: “I don’t intend paying him.” Andy also revealed that the film will be building a set 2/3 of Cross-Harbour Tunnel before blewing it up, more dangerous and high difficulties scenes to be shot.


When talked about Father’s Day round the corner and how he’s going to celebrate it, Andy expressed: “Should be celebrating with my family members, let them decide how we are going to celebrate, I should not be the one thinking where to celebrate for Father’s Day. (So anticipating what present your daughter will be giving you?) Give me money.”


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