Andy wore leather jacket to shoot commercial in 40 degrees celsius

According to Hong Kong reports, for the shooting of a TV commercial of a beverage that Andy Lau endorsed, he went to Thailand’s tourist attraction Khao Yai for location shooting. Surrounded by nature, Andy appeared as “real stylish man” as his facial expression remained unchanged despite wearing a leather jacket under a temperature of 40 degrees celsius, most importantly is to be cool, it’s not easy being a “Man of Chivalry”. There are new creativity for the commercial this time round as he no longer walked in the mountainous areas as now he rode a BMW motorcycle bringing us for a spin, he even played with soap bubble.


In the commercial, Andy wore a leather jacket to ride the motorcycle ignoring the hot 40 degrees celsius Thailand temperature during the shooting. While the crew members could not open their eyes due to the strong sunlight and drenched in sweat, whereas Andy’s expression remained unchanged. He also shared that in recent years he had been doing bent-over lateral raise exercises as it does not requires too much movements and could also be done at home which is suitable for those whom are busy. He revealed that he could continue with this exercise for 5 to 6 minutes before his hands started to tremble.


The production team prepared a classic motorcycle for Andy to revive the moments of A Moment of Romance, this product’s commercial also has the appearance of animals, thus the partner for Andy this time round is a “handsome” Sled dog who was lucky enough to be the passenger on Andy’s motorcycle. Other than playing with dog, Andy also got to play with soap bubble as he only spent 10 minutes to familiarize on how to create huge bubbles.


As the day of shooting happened to be eve of Songkran Festival, after the shooting was completed, the local production crew send blessing to Andy via a “gentle and gracious” method by giving him perfume and flowers instead of splashing water on him. Andy then asked why the Songkran Festival to be so gentle, he was told that it was to prevent him from getting drenched. After being told the reason, Andy said that he hope to experience a real Songkran Festival celebration.


Andy also released a new song – Ai Yong Yuan Cun Zai (Love Always Existed) which he wrote the lyrics, it brought out a positive message. Over the years, he had wrote the lyrics of more than 150 songs.

Watch the commercial with the below links:

  • 30 seconds version
  • 15 seconds version
  • 15 seconds Bubble version
  • The making special of the commercial
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