Andy latest film Shock Wave Hong Kong media visit

On 6 May, police thriller Shock Wave organized a media visiting session in Hong Kong. Film director Herman Yau, producer and male lead Andy Lau were present with another actor Jiang Wu. In order for the media to have personal experience, the film director demostrated a highly difficult expolsion scene, being the producer of the film, Andy came to complete the shooting of the scene with the director. The main villain of the film Jiang Wu expressed that the film includes many difficult explosion scenes, meanwhile “bomb-disposal expert” Andy took up the challenge to disassemble a bomb.

On the day of the visit, Andy who had no shooting committment was present as the producer to complete this rather important explosion scene. When Herman Yu and Jiang Wu asked what Andy was doing at the set when there was no shooting for him, Andy quipped: “I’m here to check on how much money you guys used for the explosion.” For this explosion scene, the production team had to go through more than 4 hours of preparation work, the amount of explosive had to be carefully calculated. At the scene, Andy personally warned the reporters to be careful of glass bits flying around as he joked that he was “present” to allow reporters to take photographs in advance in order to prevent camera flashes during the explosion. After more than 4 hours of preparation, the whole scene was completed within 10 seconds.

Andy expressed: “The English title of the film is name Shock Wave, which is the after effects of an explosion, take today’s scene for example, you won’t see fire, smoke or explosive flares, but you still can feel the effects, this is the content of the film that we are talking about.” Meanwhile Andy who was worried on too much money spent on the explosion scene still wanted to show off by saying: “In Firestorm, we built a Central, this time round we built 2/3 of Cross-Harbour Tunnel and then blew it up!”


For the visit, the production team prepared more than 10 different kind of explosives on display for the reporters. Andy and Herman Yau talked about each other as they last collaborated 25 years ago in Don’t Fool Me, whereas he had to wait three years in order to collaborate with Andy in Shock Wave, but Herman expressed that “it’s worth it”. Meanwhile Jiang Wu being picked as the villian of the film, both Andy and Herman expressed: “Jiang Wu is the best choice.” Andy admitted that he did suggested to pick Jiang Wu as the villian of the film as he had watched his previous film and he felt that his acting could pressure himself to act better.


When talked about his role in the film, Andy made use of frivolous to describe his bomb-disposal expert role, he explained: “This bomb-disposal expert is not the strict and serious kind that everyone expected, he’s only nervous and serious when dismantling a bomb, when back to normal life he’s always enjoying his life to the fullest.” When reporters asked if he had underwent any bomb dismantling training, Andy said: “I did learn some knowledge from professional bomb disposal team and underwent some training. But talking about whether I can dismantle a bomb, I can show you now.” Andy immediately pick up a bomb prop and demostrate that he need to cut off the yellow wire. When asked if there’s danger when shooting the scene of dismantling a bomb, Andy said that the production team is very experience and there won’t be any danger but stress that everything could happen as it could be dangerous while walking, so everyone please pray for him.


When talked about Andy being a mole beside Jiang Wu in Shock Wave, reporters asked Andy if he had the same feeling of Infernal Affairs, he replied: “No, in Infernal Affairs I’m a gangster becoming a mole in the police force, but I Shock Wave I’m a policeman, so it’s something similar to the role of Tony Leung in Infernal Affairs.”


The villian of the film Jiang Wu who was wearing a wig was described by the director as a “criminal artist”. Jiang Wu said: “As the villian of the film, I created numerous bombs for Andy to disassemble, but I’m not doing it for money, but I take this as my career, so everything must be perfect.”


The film started shooting in April 2016, it’s targeted to be screened in cinemas during the summer holidays in 2017.

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