Andy went to classmate gathering

Although Andy Lau is already 54 years old this year, but his outlook and figure still kept in good shape, no wonder he’s considered as one of the evergreen male idol. Recently he posted on his website photographs of his classmate gathering, indeed he was the most eye-catching among all in the photograph as his anti-ageing look is amazing.


On 3 May, Andy posted photographs of a gathering with his former classmates, he happily wrote: “Female classmate, male classmate, male and female classmate! Their childhood is my childhood! I grew up together with them, I want to grow old with them!” Being in the center of the photograph, Andy indeed is the male god, his never aged looks is very eye catching, the charisma of the heavenly king is unstoppable.


Actually Andy had revealed his anti-ageing secret long time ago, his secret is not to eat too full, if eating meat will only need to be 70% full, he stressed that “must eat rice”, as he mostly eat vegetarian food, thus he would eat more rice and pick the more healthy multi-grains rice and not stay up late.

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