Andy exclaimed that he seldom wear sunglasses on the streets

On 9 April 2016, Andy Lau went to Commercial Radio and was interviewed by Carol Cheng (DoDo), Ah Zan and Donald in a radio program – When I Was Young I Listen To The Radio. It had been years since Andy went for an interview in Commercial Radio, Carol described Andy is enjoying upmost popularity. During the radio program, Andy showed off his Chinese calligraphy skills as he wrote four words dedicating to all Hongkongers, Andy described the four words meaning saying that heaven is fair as it will give the people rewards of the efforts that they put in.


In the program, Andy shared his life experiences, handling most things by himself, he revealed that he trim his hair before his interview at the radio station as he seldom go to hair salon. He does not have a stylist, he handled all by himself. Normally when he went to the streets he would not make any special dressing as he would not wear a mask or sun glasses, because he think that it’s old fashion as if trying to impersonate an artiste.

Living a low profile life, Andy revealed that he went for an overseas 10 days holiday during Easter Day to recharge himself. All the comperes were surprised that Andy would actually took a break. Carol did not dare to ask about Andy’s family life but Andy did share how he took care of his daughter. Andy said that nowadays he seldom exercise but when he ran on his track mill in his house, his daughter will suddenly crawl towards him and he would go on to carry her and play with her.


When talked about shooting films, Carol said: “Shooting is too tough, most of the time talking and doing is different, talk everything can be done, but nothing can be done!” Andy then invites Carol to collaborate with him, he quipped: “Then you should collaborate with me! Don’t collaborate with Wong Jing! If collaborating with me such things would not happen, normally when I start a film project, I would be the executive producer and would monitor everything on set.”

news and photos from:, Apple Daily News