Andy posted on Internet denying his wife is pregnant

Earlier the Hong Kong media reported that Andy Lau’s wife Carol Chu is pregnant with her second child and the gender of the baby is a boy, this got many fans excited. When interviewed on this matter for the first time, Andy said thanks and did not say much. When he attended the Hong Kong Films Award presentation ceremony last weekend, he stressed that if there is any good news, he would announce clearly on his official website. On 4 April, he made a post on his official website, he wrote: “With regards to the alleged news, I’m always ‘would not reply and thanks everybody’s concern’, thus I decided to make my clarification with words, simple and clear, not yet!”


Then he wrote: “Dear all, my thanks is not referring to Best Actor! Family matters will be talk within the family! Understand!” As the day prior to Andy posted this article is the Hong Kong Films Awards, but he did not win the Best Actor award, thus he stress that the thanks he’s saying is not referring to the Best Actor.


Then he left behind the blessings he recieved, he revealed that within one night, his colleagues and friends from the media all send him their congratulations, “Family members of AWC (referring to fans in Andy World Club) all sent me their congratulations, they are worried for me, I’ll always remember.” He later stressed: “If dream did come true, will need to share, being an artiste, will reply to all requests.”


The fans that read and understood what Andy is trying to say was if his wife is really pregnant, he will surely share the good news, thus it seems that this is yet another alleged news.

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