Andy on wife’s second pregnancy: I’ll announced in my official website

The 35th Hong Kong Films Awards presentation ceremony was held at Hong Kong Cultural Centre yesterday, the red carpet ceremony started around 5:30pm. Andy Lau who was nominated for the Best Actor award attended the event and was asked questions about him becoming a father for the second time.



Andy did not admit nor deny as he expressed that if the news is real, he would announce through his official website. He said: “This sort of news had happened during my wife’s first pregnancy, normally I would not make any comments, thanks for all the concerns. If it’s real, I will announced in my official website. I’ve experienced so much in the past, why would I cheat all of you?”


With regards to reports that the second baby will be a boy, Andy quipped: “In the past there was reports that I’m a gay! However if there is a baby, all of you can congratulate me!”


When the ceremony started, Andy was the first award presenter as he present the Best New Performer and Best New Director. Andy made an appearance with the 5 little girls from the film Little Big Master, showing off his fatherly and mischievous side. He kept bend down to communicate with the girls and remembers the girls’ name in the film, even remembering their actual names when introducing to the audience. The 5 girls also chatted happily with Andy with no difficulties in communicating.



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