Andy to join up in Herman Yau new film project – Shock Wave

Recently all major film companies went to the Entertainment Expo with their latest film projects, Universe Film Distribution Co. displayed the poster of Shock Wave with the word Andy Lau being placed on the most eye catching position, another name on the poster is film director Herman Yau, earlier the names of the alleged cast Nick Cheung and Nicholas Tse was not on the poster. It is said that Andy would be the producer and male lead of the film, the film will be a collaborative project between Universe Film Distribution Co. and Bona Film Group Limited with a budget of US$23 million. Shooting would start in April 2016 and expected to hit the cinemas in the middle of 2017.

With regards to being the producer of this film, Andy once explained in an interview: “3 years ago, I saw the rough script of Shock Wave at Herman’s office, then we were busy with other stuffs. I knew Herman for more than 20 years, he’s one of the film director that I respected. I feel that we should not put Shock Wave aside for more than 3 years, thus I contacted him hope that we could activate this film. Meanwhile, this film would be a typical Hong Kong styled action thriller, thus I decided to be the producer of this film and be one of the male lead.” Infinitus Films which was newly set up by Andy would also took part in producing the film.

From our understanding, this would not be the first time Andy collaborating with Herman, they had collaborated in Don’t Fool Me in 1991 and Fascination Amour in 1999, but Andy had never collaborated with Herman in an action thriller, but hope that this film would leave a deep impression to people. Ever since Firestorm, Andy had always been trying to bring Hong Kong styled police thriller to new heights and also hope to make Shock Wave meeting international standards.

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