From Vegas to Macau III collected more than a billion

On 18 February, Chow Yun Fat, Andy Lau and Carina Lau gathered at From Vegas to Macau III Chinese New Year gala dinner to celebrate the film’s total box office collection of more than a billion HK dollars. With regards to losing to Mermaid which was screened at the same time, Chow replied: “The audience had their own taste, Stephen Chow had not direct a film for a few years, everybody might be bored watching Chow Yun Fat for three consecutive years, knew that Stephen had many fans, I also supported him and go watch his film, knew that his film has a positive theme, I also wished to go into that direction and could be so popular.” Andy expressed: “I also never tried having such a high box office collection, to me I’ve won.” A sexy dressed Carina expressed that she had watched Mermaid earlier and was happy for Stephen Chow, he did Hongkongers proud.



From Vegas to Macau III had a total of more than a billion box office takings in Hong Kong and Mainland China, however when compared with Stephen Chow directed Mermaid which collected more than 2 billions, it surely had a huge difference, with regards whether he’s disappointed losing the box office takings to Mermaid, Chow expressed: “Since the 80s there are already Chinese New Year films, for so many years losing and winning is normal.” Andy added: “In the past, my highest grossing film Firestorm only managed to collect 40 million, I felt that I won this time.” Carina exclaimed: “The 3 films – From Vegas to Macau III, Mermaid and The Monkey King 2 had a total box office takings of more than 5 billions, did well in Mainland China, feel proud of Stephen Chow and Hongkongers.” Chow quipped that this year’s part 3 box office takings are better than previous part, thus he has done his job, he reveal that Gong Li being his idol, he would go and watch Monkey King 2.


In addition, Andy who was nominated for Best Actor in this year’s Hong Kong Films Awards with Lost and Lonely, when asked if he’s confident of winning, he expressed: “Same as previous nominations, I’ll be delighted if I won, if I lose I’ll work harder, the theme of this film is rather special thus does not know everybody’s reaction, when I dine with people of the film industry, they scared that I would not win, thus they gave me a dummy award.” Chow expressed that he hoped everybody to support Andy, he joked that he was only nominated for Best Actor in the first Hong Kong Films Awards, he was nominated more than winning the award.


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