From Vegas to Macau III press conference became “concert”

Family comedy From Vegas to Macau III which will open in cinemas on the first day of Chinese New Year, on 3 February, the film director Wong Jing, producer Andrew Lau brought along main cast Andy Lau, Chris Lee and Nick Cheung to Shanghai for its press conference. The film’s theme song Gong Xi Fa Cai 2016 “mischievous” version music video was revealed, Andy taught how to sing the Cantonese version of ‘Zai Men Dun Li Ren’, Chris mischievously sang the Sichuan version of the song thus transforming the press conference into a “concert”.

In the film, Andy, Nick and Chris are part of the God of Gambler family, according to their status in the film, both Andy and Nick needed to address Chris as ‘gu gu’ (aunt), when talked about arranging such a high status for Chris, Wong Jing explained: “It’s because it would look funny when Chris is bullying both Andy and Nick.” Chris expressed that intially she could not get used to her new status, “When Andy address me as ‘gu gu’ for the first time, I felt that I was floating, didn’t believe that he was addressing me.” When talked about collaborating with Andy, Chris recalled that some 10 years ago when she just entered showbiz, she met Andy for the first time in a certain award ceremony, Andy whom was far from her took the initiative to wave at her which touched her. Andy then expressed that after From Vegas to Macau III, he would collaborate with Chris more: “There’s no escaping from me!”

Nick also sang high praise of Chris, “She’s a very cheerful and easy going girl, although she does not talk much, but she understand everything, if you need her to cooperate, her performance would be beyond imagination.” When asked why he did not join Andy and Chris to sing Gong Xi Fa Cai 2016, a modest Nick said: “Because I’m not good at singing, thus I took the initiative to step back.” Then Nick showed off his singing skills as he sang Andy’s Wang Qing Shui with Andy, they shared good chemistry to the extend that Andy said: “This song Wang Qing Shui is too popular!”

The film company also released a new version of music video for Gong Xi Fa Cai 2016 which showed off several never seen before footages of the film, the “mischievous” editing together with the joyful tune of the song, it heightens the mood of the new year.

In addition, there was a person whom imitate Andy’s voice to sing the Cantonese version of ‘Za Men Dun Li Ren’ widespreading on the Internet, Andy was not calculative and took the initiative to mix ‘Za Men Dun Li Ren’ into Gong Xi Fa Cai 2016 which won the agreements of netizens. Those present were anticipating Andy to sing ‘Za Men Dun Li Ren’, with regards to this Andy replied: “Rather than me singing, why don’t we sing together, let me teach Chris and Nick how to sing.” After saying, Andy indeed demostrate the original Cantonese version of ‘Za Men Dun Li Ren’. The crowd burst into laughter as Nick who was not familiar with the lyrics was singing and laughing at the same time. Despite Andy’s demostration, Chris whom does not know Cantonese was saying: “What?” Andy immediately asked her in her Northeast dialect, “What’s you doing?” Chris replied: “The problems does not lies with the tune, it’s the language.” She inally managed to pick up and then brought new surprise as she sang a phrase of the song in her native Sichuan language, a stunned Andy then exclaimed: “You’re playing with me?”

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