Stars promote From Vegas to Macau III in Guangzhou

From Vegas to Macau III press conference was held in Guangzhou on 2 February 2016, Chow Yun Fat, Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Carina Lau, Andrew Lau and Wong Jing attended the event. The film will open in cinemas on 8 February 2016.


At the press conference, Chow showed off his mischievous side as he snatch the task of the compere as he took the initiative to introduce Andy, Carina and Jacky.


At the start of the press conference, Andy and Carina used their fluent Mandarin to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year. When talked about their collaboration, Carina sighed that she did not get a chance to be a couple with Andy and complaint that she only got to act opposite Andy in scenes as easy as putting up makeup.



At the press conference, the 4 leads had to take part in a “characters releationship challenge” game. According to the film’s good guys and villains, Andy and Chow were “good guys” whereas Jacky and Carina were “villains”, they took up the challenge of if to rearrange their characters’ relationship, what would they choose. Thus arrows were labelled “partners”, “opponent” and “companion” for them to state their intention. Andy used the “opponent” arrow on Chow, he expressed: “In this film, I pointed at Chow’s head, initially I thought I used too much strength, thus I used less strength in my second time, then Chow told me not to be lazy, thus I make sure that next time I still want to point at Chow.”

In comparison, Jacky and Carina seems to have more “chemistry” as Carina used the “partners” arrow on Jacky, the reason being “acting with him is very comfortable, never expected the God of Songs could act so well too!” Upon listening, Jacky sang praise of himself: “I’m always the most under-rated actor!” Standing by his side, Andy pointed out: “Afraid that this year’s Hong Kong Films Awards, I have to hand over to you.”

Meanwhile, both Andy and Jacky choose “partners” for one another. Andy expressed: “The last time I acted as brothers with Jacky was more than 10 years ago, this time collaborating with him but we’re on the opposite side, hope next time we can be partners.” Jacky added that he had not been “brothers” with Andy for many years, “Really missed the days, thus I have the urge to chose him as my partner.” With regards to Carina, the two heavenly kings have different thinking, firstly Andy chose Carina as “companion”, he said: “Since the day we graduate from TVB Actors training classes, she have never given me a chance, thus I hope be it in films or real life, I can find her!” Carina replied: “I’m always prepared!” Jacky then choose Carina as “opponent”, the reason being: “I’m lazy, because I feel that defeat her is pretty simple.”


Unexpectedly, the most unexpected is Chow! During the game, Jacky choose “companion” for Chow and the reason being: “Regardless to finance and life experience, Chow would give a huge security.” In return, Chow sang praise of Jacky: “Every day woke up 3AM in the morning to make breakfast, send her to school at 5AM, such a good man!” With regards to this, Jacky expressed: “People like us with Chinese zodiac Ox are very hardworking.” Andy added: “I’m also an ox.” Chow then asked the two heavenly kings if they were born in the morning or afternoon, after finding out that Andy and Jacky were born in the morning and afternoon respectively, Chow expressed: “I want to buy both of them, because they are so good!” All present burst into laughter.

At the event, Andrew Lau and Wong Jing revealed the good reviews of the screening of the film in Hong Kong two days ago, they claimed that laughters and applause non stop, everybody was happy after watching the film, thus making all anticipating the film. In addition, with regards to the comedy elements, Andy rates: “It’s been a while I shoot a crazy comedy film, even Chow told me that I’m superb as I don’t carry the burden of an idol! But I still carry some burden.” Chow then took the chance to make fun of him: “The biggest burden is your daughter,” this made Andy lost as he said: “I don’t know how to reply you!”


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