Trump Card Teasing Trump Card press conference

Film director Wong Jing’s latest film Trump Card Teasing Trump Card held its “Snatch market share press conference” at Beijing as it was announced that the film would hit the cinemas’ screen on 24 December 2016. The film’s cast Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming, Shen Teng, Wong Cho-lam, Hu Ran, Ouyang Nana were present at the press conference. Wong Jing also revealed that more special guest cast would be announced in a later date, he also wished that it will be a series of films similar to From Vegas to Macau.


It’s a rather creative combination of Andy+Huang Xiaoming+Sheng Teng, their chemistry can be seen when they took group photograph together at the press conference. It can be seen that Sheng Teng sitting steadily on the god of gambler chair with Andy and Huang squatting down on either side, there was jokes that they should give him leg massage, it seems that this Hong Kong film from Wong Jing would have some Northeast China flavour.


Talking about this combination, Huang Xiaoming quipped that the ones whom sang ‘Dun Er’ had finally gathered together, the audience shouted out to ask them to sing along, Andy immediately waved his hand and reject diligently: “I didn’t sing that song, no matter how I sing would not sound like him.” However director Wong Jing expressed that they would get a chance to sing together in the film, so looked like Andy could not escape his fate.


Andy revealed that in the film he’s the “best agent in the whole police station”, his main responsible on love relationship and emotion scenes. When asked who is opposite him, Andy decided to keep it a secret: “In my whole life, I love myself the most, thus I’m talking love to myself, many scenes would show me crying by myself.”

Huang Xiaoming revealed that he has a “friend-enemy” relationship with Andy, there will be comical battles between them, never ending. Wong Jing added: “You all should have watched Happy Together already.”


With regards to the story of the film, it’s still unknown at the moment, Andy revealed: “Till now the script had yet came out.” It was said that the actors just came from the studio straight to the press conference venue, shooting in Beijing made Andy complained: “Giving the most headaches is Sheng Teng, because he cannot go shooting in Hong Kong, because of you we are shooting here, leaving my home.”

Sheng Teng would be Andy’s superior in the film as he claimed that he’s just making up the numbers, to be able to collaborate with his “forever idol” made Sheng Teng suffered sleepless nights, furthermore he got the chances to give him orders, asking him around. Sheng Teng exclaimed the feeling as “felt heartaches, but still delighted”.


Huang Xiaoming was delighted to be able to collaborate in a comedy with Wong Jing and his “forever idol” Andy Lau, he can’t bare to say the classic sentence: “I watched his films since…”, halfway of his speech, Andy added: “You need to write this out.”

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