Andy exclaimed that he will not design home products

On 17 January, Andy Lau who was sick appeared in Shanghai as he was the spokesman for Cheers Sofa. The fans became excited when they managed to see their idol and the atmosphere was at a high. Andy shared his understanding on home decoration but exclaimed that he would not be involved in home design.


On the day of activity, Andy’s appearance immediately brought loud screams from those present. When the compere asked: “Aren’t you tired to be handsome for so many years?” Andy replied: “Not tired, every time and age has aspect of being tired, must keep yourself happy as every year I would find time to make myself relax.”


Everybody knew that Andy is a workaholic, despite not feeling well, Andy still appeared in the event, one must applause for his professionalism. Andy joked: “I need to come, all of you know about my love for my work.” He did explain that he’s suffering from throat airway allergy and not flu thus fans can relax as he’s fine.


Currently many artistes chose to venture in another business. When talked about the difference between being an artist and entrepreneur, Andy expressed that when creating a brand and being an artist at the same time, art artist, because he not only chasing after his own dreams and also finding out everybody’s requirements. When asked if he would get himself involved in home products designing, Andy exclaimed: “Never thought about it, just wish to experience it and tell everybody whether it’s good, does not wish to have his own design.”


Andy then revealed that he focused on his living room’s design, because it is a good place for communication. With regards to the incoming Year of the Monkey, Andy revealed that he will stay in Hong Kong to spend the New Year with his family.

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