The Bodyguard to hit cinema screens on 1 April 2016

Action film – The Bodyguard held its press conference in Beijing on 7 January 2016, it was announced that the film will open in cinemas nationwide on 1 April 2016, it also revealed its poster and first trailer. The film is directed by Sammo Hung, William Kong and executive producer is Andy Lau.


Sammo Hung, Andy, Zhu Yuchen, Feng Jia Yi, Yuen Wah and Yuen Biao attended the press conference. Coincidentally it was Sammo’s 67th birthday, thus Andy and “Seven Little Fortunes” gave him presents and sang him birthday song.


Sammo made his birthday wish as he wised: “Most importantly is to be healthy.” The evergreen Sammo continued to be the tough guy and kept on fighting in The Bodyguard but Andy revealed that actually this is a love film: “Sammo has relationship with many females, his daughter, my daughter and a woman of the same age as him.”


In The Bodyguard, Andy took up the role of actor, boss and executive producer, this is their first collaboration in a film after 8 years, this is also the first time that Andy acted in a Sammo directed film after 30 years since 1985’s Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars. Andy quipped that if only Sammo opened his mouth, he would definitely appear to support his production. Sammo expressed that the story of The Bodyguard attracted him, “It hooked me”, later I approached Andy and won his support: “I’m hooked by him, he’s always supporting me.”


When asked what happened if there was a dispute at the film set, without hesitation Andy expressed: “I’ll listen to him.” A confident Sammo answered: “Without nay question, he listened to me.” He also revealed that he arranged several high difficulty fighting scenes for Andy, he said: “All the good things are given to him.” However the disputes at the film set and fighting scenes did not leave as much impression to Andy when compared to the good food, Andy quipped: “Luckily I’m a vegetarian, if not surely I would be of the same size as Sammo.”


Sammo revealed that in The Bodyguard, he fought with many experts, while his Seven Little Fortunes brothers joined the cast whom attended the press conference dressed in secret agent black western suit and wearing sunglasses, they also gave birthday presents to Sammo.



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