From Vegas to Macau III to open in cinemas on first day of Chinese New Year

On 14 December 2015, From Vegas to Macau III held its first press conference in Beijing. Bona Film Group Limited CEO Yu Dong, film director Wong Jing and executive producer Andrew Lau, Chow Yun Fat, Andy Lau, Nick Cheung and Chris Lee Yuchun attended the event. During the press conference, Chris whom will be Chow’s cousin in the film was being made fun of, he said: “How she looked my ‘biao mei’ (female cousin), exactly it’s my ‘biao di’ (male cousin)!”


Being a bigger star than Andy, Chow was not controllable as he appeared to be super excited as he care less of the questions asked by the compere as he dragged the cast for selfies, he’s only one of the few in showbiz that can make fun of Chris and Andy. When he heard that Andy would dream of him, Chow then force Andy to answer if he loves him, after listening to Andy saying that he loved him several times before satisfied with his answer and gave him a big kiss. With regards to his cousin – Chris was also not spared as Chow quipped that she should changed her name to “Lee Chun Meng”, because she was dreaming all day at the film set. When introducing her role in the film, he made fun of her by saying: “How she looked my ‘biao mei’ (female cousin), exactly it’s my ‘biao di’ (male cousin)!”


However, Chow do let his true feelings out in the end as he expressed that this collaboration with Andy and Jacky Cheung gave him a feeling of those days in acting training classes, so heart warming.

Andy who always could hold himself on stage no matter what happens, this time round he was being “played” by Chow as he was asked to sing, take selfies and kissed by Chow, it seems that he had returned to the days of ‘Dao Zai’. When media reporter asked Andy would he save Chow if he fell into the sea, despite Chow’s presence Andy gave the same answer: “I won’t save him! Who asked him to be popular for so many years, blocked my way for so many years!” With regards to this, Chow gave a quick wit reply: “I’m like a dragon in the water, I’m not scared!”


With regards to be able to collaborate with Chow, Jacky and Nick, Andy had the same feeling of leaving home for many years and finally found my family members, so close.

This time, Andy is one of the investor for From Vegas to Macau III, when told Chow immediately dragged Nick along to bow to Andy. However, Andy expressed that it’s not fun being the boss, he said: “Always think that being a boss have status, but actually you can’t do anything on the set, it’s better being an actor who looked more like a boss.” When asked if he had gave red packets to his employees, Andy shared an embarrassing experience, “There was once we shooting on the third day of Chinese New Year, I tried giving out red packets, 100 in total, suddenly 600 people appeared, thus I never going to give out red packets again.”


Chris who will be Chow’s cousin in the film had suddenly became the “gu gu” (aunt) of Andy and Nick, it was said that she had several “love relationship” scenes with them. Chris said that she is quarrelsome lovers with Nick, whereas she declare her love for Andy but he don’t love her. Being her “god-father” Andrew Lau made jokes by revealed that it was tough for Chris as she had to be hang on wires when shooting fighting scenes and she exclaimed she was “cheated”. However Andy and Nick revealed that Chris is a Poker-Faced Comedian as her new ways of comedy gave them surprise and refreshing feeling.

When asked about the CCTV Chinese New Year gala, Andy, Nick and Chris had exclaimed that they did not received invitations, Chow even quipped: “They won’t invite me as my ‘pu tong hua’ is poor!” The four of them expressed that they would be accompanying their family members during the festive period.


During 2014 Chinese New Year period, From Vegas to Macau made a surprise RMB523,490,000 at the box office, From Vegas to Macau II made 973.5 million yuan during 2015 Chinese New Year period. This time round with the grand cast for From Vegas to Macau III, other than the classic characters plus new characters, there would be more comedy scenes. Therefore, when being asked about the box office expectation, Bona Film Group Limited CEO Yu Dong boasted: “This time round will be $200 million, ok?”

From Vegas to Macau III is slated to open in the cinemas on 8 February 2016 which is the first day of Chinese New Year.

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