Andy showed support at Our Times Beijing press conference

Our Times which was produced by Yeh Jufeng, directed by Dorothy Chen Yu-Shan, starring Darren Wang Da-lu and Vivian Song Yun Hua, guest starring Andy Lau, Jerry Yen and Joe Chen. The film will opens in Mainland China cinemas on 19 November, a press conference was held in Beijing in the afternoon of 13 November, Andy was present to interact with the “Mrs. Laus” and exclaimed that his 35 years showbiz career is “worth it”.


Despite his limited screen time in the film, Andy was the “soul figure” of the film. Being a film director for the first time, but able to invite her idol to cameo in the film, even she could not believe it as she recalled that she had the mentality of trying out initially, she said: “It doesn’t cost to dream, the worst is he reject my offer,” she wrote two versions of the script, one with Andy Lau and the other doesn’t, she sent a version to Andy’s company and unexpectedly her dream came true.


Andy then began to crack jokes on the film director, “She must had called the other 3 heavenly kings, they were not free thus she approached me.” The director followed up by saying: “Correct, if you rejected me I will approach Aaron Kowk! Just joking, you’re my only choice!” Andy quipped that he had always cheated on girls, thus he would invest in a film that with a female theme. The reporters then asked if he had relationships with “young girls”, Andy appeared stunned but the director gave him a hint, “that’s dream of your idol”, Andy quickly answered: “Yes, yes, till now I still dream of Chow Yun Fat!” Andy’s reply made everyone burst into laughter. When asked why he invested in Our Times, Andy continued to crack jokes, he answered: “When I saw the script, I hear money cashing sound!” When media continued asked if the film he invested earn more money or the film he’s cast in, Andy gave an intelligent answer: “The film I invest I’ll earn money, the film I’m cast in, people lose money.”

The press conference almost became Andy’s fan gathering, film director Dorothy Chen expressed to her idol, “Actually I thought of meeting you 100 times, I think I must act cool, I don’t care, feel that you looked super normal.” Meanwhile, she also brought out the newspaper cuttings of Andy’s news and presented to him, she boasted: “Other people called me Mrs. Lau, I kept all your cassette tapes, even the Japanese single!” She even challenged the other “Mrs. Laus” , “Do you have his Japanese single?” Female lead Vivian Song then complained that she thought shooting this film gave her the chance to meet her idol but till the end of shooting then she knew she does not have a scene with Andy. Andy consoled her: “Next time I’ll be your boyfriend, if not let me be your father!” Andy then stressed that he would only shoot kissing scenes and not bed scene.


Andy also took the chance to recall his moments with fans that touches him, he talked about his “own times” as every day he would received 100-200 letters from fans, when he attended the fan gathering in South Korea, everybody knew to address his name, Andy sighed: “This 35 years, it’s too worth it.” A fan presented asked him, “My father is jealous you being my idol, will you be a jealous father in future?” Andy was shocked and asked: “Then he’s still jealous?” The fan answered: “Nope!” Then Andy quipped: “So you no longer idolize me?” Andy added: “If you’re shooting a film similar to Our Times, please approach me!” Andy also took the chance to send some encouragement to Darren, “20 years later there will be another Our Times, it will be your story.”


With Our Times collected more than NT$400 millions, coming to Mainland China, what would be its fate? Andy quipped: “There will not be any issue with the box office collection in Mainland China, Mrs. Wang and Mrs. Lau will help out.” Film director Dorothy Chen then added: “My idol Andy Lau had a film Lee Rock (Chinese title includes $500 million), let’s set the target to $500 million!”

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