When asked both wife and daughter fell into water, who to save? Andy: “Tough choice!”

In the afternoon of 11 Otober 2015, spokesman Andy Lau attended a certain brand wooden door’s press conference in Beijing, the heavenly king’s appearance attracted loud scream of the fans. Andy was dressed in western suit which showed off his “CEO” charisma.



Compere Sa Beining then asked Andy a series of whom to save when who and who fell into the water. The first question, he made his choice to save the brand’s boss as he quoted the reason of “because I have yet collected my pay from him.”


Secondly Andy was being asked whom he would save when both Chow Yun Fat and Tony Leung Chiu Wai fell into the water, he quipped: “I won’t save both of them, instead I would throw stones at them. Who want to save them I’ll stop them.” Andy then quipped that after such series of questions, “My mother went to learn swimming recently, afraid of other people asking me that after she fell into the water, I would go and save my wife.” Unexpectedly, another reporter came up with the question: “When wife and daughter fell into the water, who you’ll save?” A mischievous Andy immediately changed his look and said: “This is really a tough choice to make.”


During the press conference, Andy sang ‘Jin Tian’, ‘Wang Qing shui’ and ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’ with 3 fans and also held their hands off the stage, which attracted loud screams.


With Saving Mr. Wu being screened at the cinemas currently, but the box office takings are not doing well, Andy repeated himself during the interview that he was very serious during the shooting of the film, the crew also did well, but with regards to the poor box office takings, he expressed his disappointment.


Since becoming a father, Andy showed off his good husband side, “Nowadays when I’m working, I’ll come out and go back home on the same day.” He joked: “Don’t dare to be outside, afraid that my wife would think that I’ve any mishap outside home.”

news and photos from: http://ent.ycwb.com, http://gb.cri.cn, http://ent.sina.com.cn