Andy revealed he shouldered the blame on behalf of TVB

Earlier Andy Lau was the guest of TVB variety show Wanna Bros as he talked about the funny moment during the shooting of his new film. Andy’s new film Saving Mr. Wu was adapted from the real life kidnapping of Mainland China popular actor Wu Ruofu, the netizens gave Andy a title of “1 m²area Best Actor” for his outstanding acting in the film.

Andy exclaimed that he has no difficulties of acting as an actor, with regards to the media singing praise of his breakthrough acting and giving him the title of “1 m²area Best Actor”, Andy quipped that he purposely cut down on little movements: “During shooting I was really being tied up, if the chains was not there physically, I had to move my body from side to side, next time if I’m shooting a scene of drowning me in a pig’s cage, that can be considered as more of a breakthrough.”


During the quick question and answer segment, he was being asked: “If similar to the the scene in the film, which young female actress would he like to be tied together with?” Andy had to pick his answer among the names suggested by the comperes which were Samantha Ko, Mandy Wong, Grace Chan and Eliza Sam, he answered: “I’ll pick Eliza Sam, because she’s more meaty. (what’s the use of being meaty?) Tied together would be more warmth!”

When asked which classic moment of his life would he select to be shot into a film, Andy picked three scenarios which he had lost control of himself, which included the vulgarities incident during the 1995 TVB anniversary, he revealed that the words “apricot plus orange” ( ‘ham gaa caan’ is a vulgarities word in Cantonese) were in the arranged dialogue, and not him saying out on the spot. He exclaimed: “I really want to clarify again, please don’t blame me, TVB gave up on me, that time I really followed the script, but when reporters asked the director the next day, he told them that I said the words on my own. (which director push the blame on you?) I will not talk about it, because I don’t want him to lose his job, that time I could took up the blame so I took it, later I also did apologize.”

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