Saving Mr. Wu premiere in Hong Kong

29 September 2015, Andy Lau and film director Ding Sheng attended the premiere of Saving Mr. Wu at Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre which attracted a huge crowd. On 27 September which was Andy’s birthday, the crowd sang a birthday song and gave him an apple to celebrate, earlier he also won the Best Actor for his performance in this film at the Silk Road International Film Festival.


With regards to bis Best Actor win, he expressed that he would be delighted to see the film do well in the box office and exclaimed his birthday wish is: “The box office taking to exceed $5 billion.” Andy was being chained up in a small 1 m²area for most of the time in the film, film director Ding Sheng quipped that he is “1 m²area Best Actor”. Ding Sheng exclaimed that Andy was able to act so well in such limited space thus he hope that Andy could won awards recognition in Chinese film industry, but Andy expressed that all actors in the film did very well, whether he win any awards is not important, he hope that the actors and filming crew will win awards with this film.


Andy added that this was his first time acting in a Mainland China police thriller, he took one month to read up all the information, adding up to the tough filming, thus his body did not feel so well. He said that the film is about a shocking case some years ago, the filming crew initially wanted the actual person Wu Roufu to take up the role but due to some reason he was approached. Due to his poor ‘pu tong hua’, Andy spend a lot of time to practice his lines, he hope that the film would follow the apple to continue to be red hot.


When talked about few scenes opposite Liu Ye in the film, Andy hope that he could collaborate with Liu Ye again when Ding Sheng started shooting He-Man 3. Andy admired the steady and confidence acting of Liu Ye. With regards to Wang Qianyuan whom he had the most screen time with, Andy also sang praise of his acting as it allowed him and Wang Qianyuan to sparkle some chemistry reaction. On the other side, Andy sang the song Clown in the film, he quipped that he was also touched by the song, he even think that it was his best rendition of the song, because he seldom got touched by the song he sang.

With his fruitful experiences in showbiz, he had no intention of shooting his experiences into a film, when asked if he would be interested in shooting a biography, without thinking he answered: “Nope!”


Similar to the main character in the film, Andy who himself is an artiste when asked if he has concern of his own safety, Andy said that he did not lax on security, “I’m always very careful, all the while I have bodyguards around me.” The character that Andy was acting in the film could not drink Coke due to hyperglycemia, when asked of his health status, he revealed that a few days ago he helped his father to examine his father’s blood sugar level, he also did the examination himself and revealed that the result was perfect and stressed: “I don’t suffered from diabetes.”


It had been a long time since Andy held a concert in Malaysia, when asked when he would stage a concert in Malaysia, he modestly said that he could not find any sponsor. He said: “This is a realistic problem, maybe due to the high production cost of my concert, someone told me wanted to bring me to stage a concert in Malaysia, don’t bring too much things over, but I feel for every area’s concert, the basic conditions must be there, I rather look for someone who willing to pay for me.”

Andy revealed that he celebrated his 54th birthday with his family. When asked if he would be interested to participate in Mainland China’s parent-child Chinese reality TV show, he said that everybody had their own choice and he expressed that he did not have this intention thus would not be part of the TV show.


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