Andy won Best Actor award for yet-to-screened Saving Mr. Wu

26 September 2015, five days of the 2nd Silk Road International Film Festival closing ceremony was held at Haixia Olympic Sports Center. Andy Lau’s latest film Saving Mr. Wu which had yet opened in the cinemas helped him winning two big prizes in ‘Golden Silk Road’ Media Honor Feature Film of the Year 2015 and ‘Golden Silk Road’ Media Honor Actor of the Year 2015 which in terms a huge birthday (27 September) present for him.



When talked about his latest film being screened at the same time with Lost in hong Kong, Andy sighed: “Lost in Hong Kong has too many screenings, can you let some for me? I’ve knew Xu Zheng for quite some time, following him till he is today, so I hope to follow him walk by hugging onto his leg.”



When asked about him and Liu Ye wearing the same outfit for the premiere of Saving Mr. Wu, who is more handsome, Andy cleverly answered: “Both of us are not handsome, Sun Honglei is the real handsome man.”


Andy also revealed that “his daughter already knew how to sing birthday song” as when asked how he would spend his birthday, he expressed: “Birthdays are almost the same every year, I’ll spent it with my family and listen to her singing birthday song for me.” He expressed that he would not bring his daughter for the Chinese reality TV show – Where Are We Going, Dad?. He said: “I would not bring my daughter to Where Are We Going, Dad? because everybody has their own lifestyle.”


Before Andy was interviewed, Nana Ou-Yang was interviewed and she used cello to play a birthday song for Andy. When told of the matter, a delighted Andy expressed: “I looked at the generation that Nana was born, becoming the idol of those born after 1990s is a necessary.”


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