Andy’s birthday wish is Saving Mr. Wu does well in box office

24 September 2015, Andy Lau was in a Hanzhou cinema for the promotion of his latest film Saving Mr. Wu. As 27 September being his birthday, he said that everybody’s support for the film would be the best birthday present for him.


In 2013, Andy was in Hanzhou twice for the promotion of Switch and Firestorm, for this trip to Hanzhou, once again he received huge response from enthusiastic fans. The cinema’s person-in-charge told reporters that since the news of Andy coming was announced last week, hundreds of fans came to buy tickets the very next day. “Before the cinema open for business in the morning, many people were already waiting outside the cinema and there was a long queue at the ticket booth.” The cinema was jam packed with people today, when the meet-the-fans session started at 6:50pm, the fans sang birthday song together to celebrate Andy’s birthday. Andy said mischievously that his birthday wish is that everybody like this film thus giving it a good box office taking. “The film director told me that I’m very expensive, asked me to give my best acting, thus I gave my best for this film, hope everybody come to watch it!”


When interviewed, Andy said that he was moved by the story thus he accepted to be cast in this film. “Sometimes life is more far away from what is normal than in films, such a good story is more important than anything else.” He said that Mr. Wu is a special role that broke away from the norm since he started acting. “But this was also a big challenge, the wire on my neck also chocked me till I faint, I’m always tied in a small house, I could not move my hands, tasted all kinds of torture on my body.”


In order to portrayal hostage image, basically Andy was tied onto the same spot throughout the film, 90% of the time was being tied up, strangle on my neck by a wire till my veins bloated and I almost fainted. “The actors did not dare to strangle me, then I told them do they want to go home for dinner, if they want just do it for real!” Such professionalism from Andy, he really did his best for this film.

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