Andy: Other than eating, I’m all tied up

After the promoting Saving Mr. Wu in Chengdu, on 23 September 2015, Andy Lau touched down in Wuhan to continue his promotion of the film. Within one day he managed to do promotion at Wuhan Aushan CGV IMAX Cinema and Wushang Mall International Cinema, wherever he went the audience welcomed him with cheers and excitement.


When interviewed, Andy quipped that he had feelings for Wuhan thus he stated that he wanted to do promotion in Wuhan. When the fans celebrated his 9.27 birthday in advance, Andy replied: “My birthday wish for this year is to hope Saving Mr. Wu exceeded $500 million in box office taking, he told everybody not to organize any celebration activity on that day, all they need to do is to fill up all cinema halls.”


Saving Mr. Wu revolves around the kidnapping and rescuing of hostage “Mr. Wu”, it narrates a heart racing story within 22 hours. When asked about the process of acting in this film, Andy revealed that actually he had high regards of films directed by Ding Sheng, “Before this I watched Police Story 2013, the complicated and Rashomon style of drama, the director managed to shoot it to understand it in a simple way, thus hope to have a chance to collaborate with him, then I invited him for discussion in Hong Kong, after chatting we came up with this.”


With regards to be able to take up the “Mr. Wu” role, Andy exclaimed that he was rather surprised: “This film started shooting at the end of last year, initially Wu Roufu should be the one taking up the role but he does not want to go through the process again, thus I have the chance to take up this role.”


Wu Roufu finally took up the role of the police to rescue “Mr.Wu”, this way he would be able to rescue himself. Andy cherished this collaboration, he said: “I accepts film offers on affinity, this time I bumped into it, I feel that the script is very good.” He revealed that during shooting, he would show it to Wu Roufu: “I told the director, during shooting must see if Wu Roufu has any objection, must act till I get his approval.”


Despite his idol looks, Andy felt that he had reached middle age, acting “Mr. Wu” is a “major challenge”. As he was very busy, thus he only managed to shoot this film for more than 10 days, despite the short period but he had a lot of sufferings during the shooting as he was tied up everyday: “Because I didn’t gave them enough time, but I was also busy with other stuffs, thus shot for slightly more than 10 days, at least 10 hours of shooting each day, whenever I reached the shooting venue, other than eating where my hands are not tied, basically all the while I’m tied up which resulted to my hands being numb.”


Facing fans whom feel “sad” for him, Andy feel that “a good film is more important than anything.” The hardworking heavenly king won good praise s during the 2 advance screenings on 15 and 19 September, Saving Mr. Wu received zero negative feedback, thus all cinemas expressed their confidence on this film. On the coming 27 September birthday of Andy, there would be another large scale screening, it was called “World’s biggest birthday party”, Andy joked with the fans: “If you go to the cinema and found out that too little screenings arranged, remember to complain.”


It is said that after this Wuhan trip, follow up would be promotions in Hanzhou, Shanghai, Fuzhou and other cities.

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