Saving Mr. Wu premiere in Beijing

On 21 September, crime thriller Saving Mr. Wu held its premiere in Beijing, director Ding Sheng, cast Andy Lau, Liu Ye, Wu Roufu and Wang Qianyuan were present. The film was based on the 2004 kidnapping of Wu Roufu, the 22 hours of being kidnapped and fighting for life. Ding Sheng is an expert in shooting crime thriller film, at the premiere Ding Sheng expressed that he always loved crime thriller, and every director would “love to shoot this story”.


After the advance screening, audience can’t forget and sang praise of Wang Qianyuan for his outstanding acting as a villian. At the premiere, Wang Qianyuan “declare” that Andy was his idol since young, “Since when I’m schooling, he’s my idol, after I graduated 20 years ago and being an actor for so long, he’s still my idol, I asked him why he don’t give chance to youngsters like us.”


Andy then quipped: “I’ll still be your idol in your next life. I’ve already told you, I took a year to become a father, take care of my child for one year, chance had given to you, it’s only that you’re not up to the mark, ok?” Wu Roufu then exclaimed that Wang Qianyuan is not honest: “10 years ago when I collaborate with him, he also always told me that I’m his idol.” Ding Sheng then concluded: “Therefore he can only be a villain.”


Meanwhile Liu Ye quipped that he was “beaten down” by Andy was they wore the same outfit, he also imitate Andy’s style of singing to sing ‘Nan Ren Ku Ba Bu Shi Zui’. Whereas Andy exclaimed that “he loved Liu Ye’s Lan Yu”.

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