Andy’s whole family appeared on his birthday party

According to reports in Hong Kong, 27 September is Andy Lau’s 54th birthday. On 19 September, Andy organized a birthday party which he invited thousands of fans to celebrate with him. The party kicked off with a traditional Cantonese opera. Andy made an appearance in a red samfoo. Carol Chu and his daughter Hanna were seated at the first row. Last year, Andy had promised his fans that he would bring his daughter to meet the fans when she’s 3 years old and he did kept his promise.




Andy also dressed up as Sun Wukong the Monkey God in a Journey to the West performance with the fans, he revealed that during rehearsal he was beaten up by Zhu Bajie which resulted to his daughter shouting.


According to fans whom were present, in previous years birthday party, Andy’s parents would only watch the performance with the audience, this was the first time they were asked onto the stage. That day, when the birthday song being played, Andy invited his parents, wife and daughter onto the stage to cut the Longevity peach and they took a family photo.


The fans prepared programs and presents for Andy which delighted him. Andy also carried her daughter onto the stage to sing ‘Zhong Guo Ren’. His daughter Hanna kept lying onto the shoulders of Andy when she was on the stage. Andy exclaimed that this is his daughter’s favorite song, she also sang along softly with her father. In between, Hanna has mucus fluid on her nose, Andy then immediately took out a tissue paper to wipe her clean, Hanna then softly touched her father’s face, it was a sweet moment.




At the end of the birthday party, Andy urged everybody to support his latest film – Saving Mr. Wu. The party last for close to two hours and ended around 11pm. Andy’s parents, wife and daughter made an exit first and Andy followed up. When his car drove past the fans, he wind down the window to bid farewell to them.

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