Andy made surprise appearance at Our Times thank-you activity

Since Taiwanese film Our Times started screening last month till 19 September 2015, it had collected NT$370 million, the main cast Darren Wang and Vivian Sung held a thank-you activity in Taipei. Darren reenact the classic scene from the film as he told Vivian: “From now onward you can call me Andy Lau, will sing for you!” Immediately Andy sang ‘Wang Qing Shui’ and made a surprise appearance by walked out from the giant screen as it brought the atmosphere of the activity to new heights.


Other than the emotionally charged fans, Vivian Sung finally had her dream came true as she could meet her idol in person and took a “sweet selfie” with him. Andy agreed to her request and they reenact the film’s scene of taking a selfie. Standing at the side, Darren was asked by Andy to “sing for everybody.”


Darren sang Andy’s ‘Lian Xi’ but quipped that he did not brought his “key” out, he quipped: “I always asked Andy Lau to sing for everybody, never thought that I’ve to sing for everybody, furthermore in front of my idol…..” He admitted that he was rather nervous when facing his idol.


Film director Chen Yu-Shan is also a “number one fan” as she brought out a surprise cake, she also gave Andy a calligraphy brush to Andy, the box was craved with the film’s golden phrase: “Thanks for appearing in my teenage years.” Chen Yu-shan thanked Andy for fulfilling many of her dreams, agreed to appear in the film, appearing in the thank-you activity in Taiwan, she also wished Andy an advance birthday which fall on 27 September.


Andy who knew that the film director’s birthday is also round the corner, he gave her a “director board” to wish her a successful career as a film director and continuing to be a good director, he quipped: “Next time you can help shoot a film about my latter years!” Chen Yu-Shan made a wish that she could take photograph and hug her idol, and said that “ask Andy Lau sing for you” is not only her dream but everybody’s dream thus she hope that Andy could fulfill that wish to sing for everybody.


Other than doing the extra of singing ‘Jin Tian’ for everybody, he expressed: “Every one has dreams, if you continue to persist, you will surely have today, hope everybody can have their dream come true.” Andy also made a wish: “Hope Our Times box office will exceed NT$50 million, then I could come back again!”


When interviewed, Andy was asked if he was rebellious during his teenage years, he revealed that he would get into fights and skipped school but not to the extend of bad, but he was asked to chit chat with the police with regards to triad. Andy explained that he and 8 other classmates were asked to “chit chat” with anti-triad policemen once every year, “We did not do anything, we’re not triad members, they did not know why are the triad members so that look for us!”


Andy also recalled his first love which was during secondary 3, he taught female classmate to play volleyball and got into relationship, when asked if the girl broke up with him. Andy quipped: “I only lost for the first time!” When asked if he’s an expert in wooing girls, Andy said that he once wooed a girl and due to his mature look, he was called ‘ye ye’ (grandpa), because he grew moustache very young, he knew how to write scripts for musical, he always played the role of father and grandpa.


news and photos from: Epochtimes,,