Saving Mr. Wu final poster and trailer revealed

On 15 September 2015, film – Saving Mr. Wu had 366 advance screenings in 58 cities, the total audience had exceeded five times the number audience to watch on National Day, the film gained good feedback. Seizing the hype, the movie released its final poster and trailer. In the trailer, the court hearing 11 years ago was brought back, the secret behind the first artist kidnapping will be announced, the battle between hostage, police and kidnappers, who won who lost will come to light. It is said that the film will have a second round limited 16:00 – 20:00 hour screening on 19 September.


The final poster took an action approach rather than the previous quiet approach. The skies are full of fire flares, “police inspector” Liu Ye, Wu Roufu on standby, kidnapper Wang Qianyuan looked angry holding onto a gun, whereas “hostage” Andy was still locked in chains giving his last fight for survival. Battles on three fronts, all in position of preparing to fight, everything would come to an end in the “final battle”.


With regards to the final trailer, in the short 1 minute 40 seconds, it managed to tell the whole story of the kidnapping. Starting with “Mr. Wu” Andy Lau saying: “Few hours ago, big boss willing to use $10 million to ask me to shoot during the Chinese New Year, never expected someone wanted my few millions to buy back my life,” which drew open 22 hours of “rescue”. Money? Lives? Rules? Kill? A series of scaring words made the kidnapping case 11 years ago more clear, series of explosive confrontations, made one catching for breathe in the speedy editing. Just went Andy who was facing death sang Clown to the second hostage, the world seems to fall apart and into silent, helpless and depression came along.


After the film’s advance screenings on 15 September, it became the box office champion of Tuesday and ranked number one in history for a crime thriller, good reviews bombard the internet as it won the recognition of audience, it never got any negative review. It won the praise of “Saving Mr. Wu, it’s great, it can be said to be the number one crime thriller film in China.”

For long periods, crime thriller won the hearts of male audience, however this film won the praise of female audience be it Andy being “tortured”, “handsomeness” of Liu Ye, “praises” for Wu Roufu or “scared” by Wang Qianyuan, all of them gave high marks for the film as the film is said to contain “suspense, laughter and tears”.

The film will open in cinema nationwide on 30 September in Mainland China, followed by 1 October, 2 October and 8 October in Singapore, Malaysia and North America and Hong Kong respectively.

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