Andy shared his memories of “Saving Mr. Wu”

Around midnight on 13 September, Andy Lau posted his memories on Saving Mr. Wu and large numbers of production photographs on his website. When talked about film director Ding Sheng, Andy exclaimed that he “risked his life for him”, “tasted all kinds of physical torture, experienced the hardships of life”.




With regards to the rest of the cast, Andy exclaimed he loved Liu Ye’s Lan Yu as he was like a “long lost friend”, with regards to Wang Qianyuan’s acting being “too good to be described with words”.




As Saving Mr. Wu would opens in cinemas nationwide on 30 September, it would clashed with other films like Lost in Hong Kong, Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe, The Wasted Times, The Choice, The Third Way of Love, it would be a competitive for box office taking, no wonder Andy started the article with: “Never expected 927 would be the start date for films to fight for spots, facing several heavyweight films, I have to do some promotion here, hehehe…..”




In the film, Andy is a kidnapped hostage, for this role, he put down his “superstar status”, “battle the nights”, “tasted all kinds of physical torture, experienced the hardships of life”. He added that film director has “a knife behind his smile, kill without any traits”, he “risked his life for him”, although it’s tough but “a good film is more important than anything else”.


Liu Ye is the police inspector that rescue Mr. Wu, whereas Wang Qianyuan is the kidnapper. When talked about both actors, Andy addressed Liu Ye as a “long lost friend”, as they knew each other even though they had never collaborated before. “I loved his film Lan Yu and he loved my song Wang Qing Shui.”




With regards to Wang Qianyuan, Andy sang praise of his acting, “his acting is good beyond description of words.” He did not forget to made jokes of himself, “With regards to my acting…you guys should know.”



Saving Mr. Wu is adapted from the true “kidnapping case of Wu Roufu” in 2004, Andy took up the character of Wu Roufu, whereas Wu Roufu is the police inspector (Cao Zhigang) who came to the rescue of Mr. Wu. Among the photographs posted, there was one of Andy, Wu Roufu and the real police inspector Cao Zhigang, of this affinity, Andy sighed: “or today, who is who! The relationship is complicated and it’s real! True or false, things made fun of people. Actually whether a person come or go, people getting together or away from one another, there’s always a story behind it.”

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