Andy sang the theme song for Saving Mr. Wu

On 10 September, film Saving Mr. Wu held its press conference in Beijing and it also revealed the music video of the film’s theme song – ‘Xiao Chou’ (Clown) sang by Andy Lau. The film’s director Ding Sheng, cast Andy Lau, Wu Ruofu, Cai Lu and music producer Lao Zai attended the event. In addition, another hostage of the real case in 2004 Du Qin Jiang was invited as a special guest to attend the activity.


The film Saving Mr. Wu was adapted from the kidnapping of Wu Ruofu 11 years ago. The film director Ding Sheng expressed that the song Clown as picked as the film’s theme song is because when Wu Roufu was kidnapped he hummed this song, according to Wu Roufu, on the third day after he was being rescued, he watched Du Qin Jiang mentioned in a media interview that he sang Clown to him gave him encouragement, he then remembered. “Clown is a manly song, it’s about the feelings of a man, under that situation, I hoped singing this song would give me the strength on laughing at one’s life.”



During the press conference, the music video of Clown is also revealed as this is the one and only music video for the song Clown. The theme song of the film and was re-arranged, Lao Zai sang praise of Andy singing and injected a new soul to the song. One thing to mention, that this is not the first time Andy singing this song, but this time round he does not need any “technique”. Andy revealed that in order to accommodate the film, he created a detailed emotional atmosphere, the film director hoped that when Andy record the song in the studio not to use any “technique”, transforming himself into “Mr. Wu”, using the lyrics of the song as a inner declaration for “Mr. Wu” in the film, using emotion to move the people who listen to the song. With regards to this, Andy quipped: “I never used any technique when singing, I only used technique in Hong Kong.” Andy rated his singing as very realistic, he expressed: “I always kept this song, during my concerts, if the audience liked it I will sing it.”


In Saving Mr. Wu, Andy played the hostage Mr. Wu, he revealed that he knew about Wu Ruofu being kidnapped some 10 years ago, “The film director gave me some information, after understanding, felt that many things in life is unexpected, sometimes in life is more far away from what is normal than films.” For the first time to be a hostage in a film, Andy admitted that it’s tough, “At the moment I arrived I’ll be tied up, even when they were having meals I’m still being tied up.” However Andy admitted that this is a different experience, “Shooting this film was continuous, the director would not shout for “Cut!”, it’s a continuous scenario, therefore I feel that this time round is not acting, life and film has already been separated.”

Being the real life experience of this story, Wu Roufu rated Andy’s performance as “terrific, exceeding expectation”, he added that Andy is cute: “The whole crew feel that Andy is very cute, full of charisma, be it acting and life would think for others, worth our respect.” Wu Roufu also hoped to be able to collaborate with Andy again and be together again, Andy exclaimed: “We’re always together, already inseparable.”


In addition, Wu Roufu is a police captain in Saving Mr. Wu, when asked why he didn’t acted himself in the film, Wu Roufu replied: “Some 10 years ago many had suggested to shoot some of the same genre, but I hope to shoot some related to police to send my tribute to the police. I shoot this film is because the director moved me, furthermore Andy as the hostage would be better than me.” When asked during shooting if it would brought back memories of being kidnapped, Wu Roufu exclaimed: “I’m not so weak, if not I would not be singing to encourage my buddy when being given death sentence by the kidnappers.”


Saving Mr. Wu will be opening in cinemas on 30 September 2015.

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