Andy celebrate birthday with fan of 24 years Christine Au Yang

The “boss” of Andy World Club Andy Lau treated and loved every members as his family member, ever since model Christine Au Yang starred in Andy’s music video ‘Zai Wen Wo Ba’ (Kiss Me Again) in 1991, she immediately became Andy’s loyal fan for a total of 24 years, even though she got married and became a mother, her husband and 2 sons also became Andy’s fan, thus the whole family was fans of Andy.



Christine’s birthday was on 5 September, she spent the actual day with her husband but when attending an Andy World Club activity, during rest time, Andy personally brought a birthday cake for a belated birthday celebration with Christine, a surprised Christine was delighted as she was all smiles and even posted photographs and wrote on her Facebook: “Andy, you’re my most beautiful encounter, to able to meet you in this life, it’s a hard to come by affinity, I will always cherish this relationship! I will always remember this romantic surprise!” Some of the photographs showed Andy helped carrying the cake, he really treated her as if it’s his family member.


When interviewed by Apple Daily, Christine revealed that although she always see Andy during fan gatherings, but it was her first time taking selfie with Andy, she said: “I feel that we can be closer when taking selfie.” When asked if her husband would be jealous? Christine exclaimed: “He’s also a fan of Andy, he said that he admitted defeat if losing out to Andy.” Being a fan of Andy for so many years, she never celebrated her birthday with Andy, but happened to have an activity, thus she had the chance, Christine said: “Really was a great present, never expected it even in my dreams but my dream came true, Andy brought me the cake, I was so scared that I would dropped the cake, Andy then said he helped me carry it.” Christine also sang praise of Andy: “He promised me to give me bliss and he really did it, I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep.”


news and photos from: Apple Daily News