Anthony Wong quipped Andy made a good choice in picking him

Presented and produced by Dionysus Contemporary Theatre and co-presenters by Emperor Entertainment Group and Focus Theatre, musical Le Dieu du Carnage had already performed at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, once the curtains were raised at the theatre, four reowned actors Anthony Wong, Sandra Ng, Olivia Yan and Poon Chan-Leung will start their scolding scenes.


On 19 August, one of the executive producer Andy Lau whom had always shown his support for Dionysus Contemporary Theatre personally went to watch Le Dieu du Carnage, he also specially made his way to the backstage area to pay the cast a visit, other than showing support to the four actors, he also took a group photograph with them which left them in high spirit.


Every night before the curtains rolled down, Anthony Wong would thanked Andy Lau and Focus Theatre for their support to Dionysus Contemporary Theatre since its first day, he said: “Without this support, our theatre troupe might not be able to have such an outstanding performance.” However he never forgot to sing praise of himself as he quipped that Andy had made a good choice to support him.



Meanwhile, the 30th Golden Rooster Awards will be held at Jilin City on 19 September 2015, the nominees were announced on 21 August 2015. Andy is nominated for Best Actor for Lost and Love, he would be competing with Sun Weiming (Who is Undercover), Zhang Hanyu (The Taking of Tiger Mountain), Chen Jianbin (A Fool). One thing to note that this is the first time that Andy is in the running for Best Actor in Golden Rooster Awards and only Jackie Chan was the only Hong Kong actor to win the award in 25th Golden Rooster Awards.

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