From Vegas to Macau 3 starts shooting

2016 Chinese New Year film From Vegas to Macau 3 which boast a cast of “4 Kings 1 Queen” in Chow Yun Fat, Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Nick Cheung and Carina Lau, in addition to Lin Yu-chun, Charles Heung, Jacky Heung Cho, Anita Chui, Iris Chung and Xu Dongdong. The film’s lensing ceremony was held at TVB City on 3 August 2015. the ceremony was led by Wong Jing and Andrew Lau.


The golden triangle of God of Gamblers in God of Gambler – Ko Chun, Little Knife and Lung Wu gathered together again after 25 years. In the upcoming film, Andy will reprise his role as Little Knife and it was eye catching as he wore the classic red leather jacket at the ceremony.


Wong Jing and Andrew Lau revealed the story of the film on the stage, it was pointed out that Carina Lau did not die after jumping off the plane and she was rescued by Jacky Cheung who was a fire arms dealer and casino tycoon. Jacky wanted to take revenge on Chow for cheating Carina. Andrew quipped that he was very scared at the shooting with such a strong cast. Wong Jing quipped: “I’m also scared, so many people eating, I’m scared money is not enough.”


When asked about his feeling of From Vegas to Macau’s third film, Chow expressed that he was so happy that he couldn’t sleep, it had been 25 years after God of Gamblers since he last collaborated with Andy Lau, he hoped that there would be more sequels following up and need not wait another 25 years, he said: “Till then I would be 80 years old, it would not be possible!” Carina thought that her mission was accomplished after committing suicide in the last film, never expected that there would be more developments, she quipped: “It’s good that I’m earning a film’s fees by just lying on the bed.”


During interview, Chow revealed that he does not have much action scenes this time round as he mainly just flirting with Carina without any kissing scene, the kissing will leave to Jacky Cheung. Carina expressed her disappointment and made request to director Wong Jing. Carina whom had not read the script expressed that she does not know what she need to do, she only knew that she just need to sleep in an oxygen box, but unsure what she would be wearing. Nick Cheung said: “Wearing nothing and pasted with 2 star stickers.” Chow then quipped: “Came from the stars? (My Love from the Star)”

Jacky Cheung revealed that Wong Jing had changed the script many times as initially he did not have any scene with Andy, but later one scene is added. When asked if they would duet the theme song, Andy expressed that it would be great that it can be a duet, Jacky then suggest to ask Chow to rap and Carina joined in the singing.


With regards to reprising the role of Little Knife, Andy expressed that although he would be appearing in his old image but it would be a refreshing feel. Jacky Cheung expressed that he never thought to be a rival in love with Chow for Carina, for a long time he thought he would be Chow’s younger brother.

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