Andy cameos in Our Times

Well-known producer producer Chen Yu-Shan executive produced, starring Taiwanese actors Vivian Sung, Darren Wang, Our Times held its media screening in Taipei on 27 July 2015 attracting a full house of close to 1,000 audience, Darren Wang’s good friend Ko Chen-tung also made a low profile appearance to watch the film. The film managed to invite heavenly king Andy Lau, Jerry Yan and Joe Chen to cameo.


Andy acted as himself in the film, having screen time of less than 5 minutes as he took selfie with Joe Chen in the film, she blinked her eyes by Andy’s handsomeness, being a fan Joe Chen exclaimed: “I acted in this film, the biggest attraction is Andy Lau!”


Andy being cast in a Taiwanese film after 10 years absence, he cameo in two scenes with screen time less than 5 minutes but his appearance and photographs are the main promotion of this film, his two scenes were shown in full without any editing, loyal fan director Chen Yu-Shan said: “I do not know how and where to edit, it can’t be edited.” During shooting, in order to maintain orderly producer Yeh Jufeng instructed all actors not to visit the site of shooting, Chen Yu-Shan said: “Even had to say no to my mother!” Vivian Sung was depressed as she did not get to act opposite Andy or see him in person.


In the film, Joe Chen and Vivian Sung are idol chasing fans and their idol is Andy Lau, other than calling themselves Mrs. Lau, they self admitted that they have couple faces, being his fan in and outside the film, Joe Chen agreed to act in this film because of Andy, she’s the only actress in the film to act opposite Andy, Andy was relaxed to act as himself as he help to autograph and took selfie with Joe, she said: “He’s a terrific actor, really a super idol, collaborating with him is a very good experience.” A lot of scenes in the films were the same as Joe’s teenage years, she remembered that those days Four Heavenly Kings were most popular, other than idolizing Andy Lau she also hope that one day she could become the girlfriend of Aaron Kwok.



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